Home Court A Nairobi Court Extends Time for Prosecution in Billion Shilling Fake Gold Case

A Nairobi Court Extends Time for Prosecution in Billion Shilling Fake Gold Case

by Sema Yote
Fake Gold Case

Yesterday, a Nairobi court granted the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) additional time to serve the defense with the remaining documents in a high-profile criminal case. This fake gold case involves eight businessmen accused of attempting to steal KSh 2.85 billion through a fake gold scheme. This article delves into the details of the case, the individuals involved, and the broader implications of such fraud.

The Case

The saga began with reports of a grandiose scam where the accused allegedly planned to defraud a Malaysian national by pretending to sell him 500 kilograms of gold. The incident came to light when the complainant, Halid Bin Yaacob, landed in Kenya on December 25, 2023, expecting to finalize a deal for the purchase of gold.

The Arrest

On December 27, 2023, detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) arrested the suspects in Kileleshwa, Nairobi. The arrests took place during a transactional meeting aimed at deceiving the complainant. The DCI played a crucial role in orchestrating the operation that led to the apprehension of the suspects.

The Suspects

The eight suspects are Charles Vincent Njerenga, Didier Muke, Kelvin Mwaura Ngotho, Brian Otiende, Patrick Otieno, Mark Kabete, Ken Kiboi, and Joshua Ngandi. These individuals have since denied the charges of attempting to steal $19,000,000 from the complainant. Each suspect allegedly played a specific role in the elaborate scam.

The Scheme Unveiled

The fake gold operation was meticulously planned. The suspects set up an operational base in a house in Kileleshwa, complete with fully furnished office-style rooms. They aimed to convince Halid Bin Yaacob that they were in a position to sell him 500 kilograms of gold, sourced from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The Meeting in Kileleshwa

The meeting in Kileleshwa was set to finalize the first shipment of 50 kilograms of gold, with each kilogram priced at KSh 7.2 million. As the meeting progressed, detectives from the DCI stealthily gained entry into the compound. Some suspects attempted to flee by jumping over the fence, but seven were captured, including two who initially managed to escape.

The Role of Halid Bin Yaacob

Halid Bin Yaacob, the complainant, is a Malaysian national who was invited to Kenya by Rock Africa Miner, operated by the suspects. Yaacob had transferred a portion of the necessary funds to the suspects’ accomplices in another country, who then directed him to the Kileleshwa base.

Legal Proceedings

When the case was mentioned, a senior state prosecutor requested more time for the DPP to serve the defense with the remaining documents. The court, presided over by Milimani Senior Principal Magistrate Martha Nanzushi, granted this request and scheduled the next mention for August 7 to confirm compliance.

The Charges

The suspects are charged with attempting to steal KSh 2.85 billion by falsely pretending they could sell 500 kilograms of gold. If found guilty, they face severe legal consequences, including lengthy prison sentences and substantial fines.

Evidence Collected

The scene of the crime was thoroughly examined, leading to the recovery of various exhibits crucial to the case. These exhibits include documents and items that support the allegations of a fake gold scheme.

Statements from Authorities

The DCI provided detailed statements about the operation. One notable quote from the DCI emphasized the precision of the scheme and the careful planning that went into setting up the fraudulent operation.

Reactions from the Accused

The suspects have vehemently denied the charges, claiming innocence and asserting that they had no intention of defrauding the complainant. Their defense will be closely scrutinized as the legal proceedings continue.

Implications of the Case

This case has significant implications for international relations, especially concerning foreign nationals engaging in business deals in Kenya. It also highlights the persistent issue of gold scams in the country, which tarnish its reputation on the global stage.

Previous Gold Scam Cases

Gold scams are not new in Kenya. This case is reminiscent of other high-profile gold fraud cases that have plagued the country in the past. Comparing this case with previous ones shows a pattern of elaborate schemes targeting unsuspecting foreign nationals.

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The extension granted by the court marks a crucial step in ensuring that justice is served in this billion-shilling fake gold case. As the legal process unfolds, it will be essential to monitor the proceedings closely. The outcome of this case could set a precedent for handling similar fraud cases in the future.


What is the current status of the case?
The case is set for mention on August 7 to confirm compliance with the court’s directives.

How common are gold scams in Kenya?
Gold scams are relatively common in Kenya, with several high-profile cases reported in recent years.

What penalties do the suspects face if found guilty?
If found guilty, the suspects could face long prison sentences and substantial fines.

How can foreign nationals protect themselves from similar scams?
Foreign nationals should conduct thorough due diligence, verify the authenticity of deals, and engage local legal counsel when dealing with large transactions.

What measures are being taken to prevent future frauds?
Authorities are enhancing surveillance, improving regulatory frameworks, and increasing public awareness to prevent such frauds in the future.

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