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Gen-Zs to President Ruto: “Our Demands Don’t Require Time-Wasting and Money-Wasting Committees

Generation Z’s Response to President Ruto: Our Demands and Why We Need Change

by Sema Yote
Gen-Zs to President Ruto

In light of President Ruto’s recent statement expressing a desire to sit down with us, Gen-Zs to President Ruto, it’s time for us to voice our concerns. Our demands do not require the establishment of time-wasting and money-wasting committees. It is evident that your government has failed us, and our grievances extend far beyond the Finance Bill. We want you to step down and leave office. Your leadership has not met our expectations, and we will continue to protest until there is a significant change.

Generation Z’s Response to President Ruto

The Initial Statement by President Ruto

President Ruto’s Intentions

President Ruto recently reached out, expressing a willingness to engage with the youth to address our concerns. His intentions might have been to foster dialogue and find common ground. However, this gesture has been met with skepticism and frustration.

Public Reaction

The public, particularly the youth, reacted strongly. Many of us feel that sitting down to talk is merely a delay tactic rather than a genuine effort to address our issues. The time for dialogue has passed; now is the time for action.

The Discontent Among Generation Z

Root Causes of Discontent

Economic Challenges

We face numerous economic challenges, including high unemployment rates, lack of opportunities, and economic instability. These issues directly impact our futures, making it difficult to build careers and secure livelihoods.

Social Issues

Beyond economic struggles, social issues such as inequality, corruption, and inadequate access to education and healthcare plague our generation. These systemic problems erode our trust in the government’s ability to create a better future for us.

The Finance Bill Controversy

Key Issues with the Finance Bill

The Finance Bill has been a significant point of contention. Many of us believe that it disproportionately affects the youth and the economically disadvantaged. The bill’s provisions seem to favor the wealthy and powerful, exacerbating existing inequalities.

Impact on the Youth

The impact of the Finance Bill on young people is profound. Higher taxes and reduced public spending on essential services make it even harder for us to thrive. We see this bill as a symbol of the government’s disregard for our well-being.

Our Demands and Why Committees Are Not the Solution

Ineffectiveness of Committees

Historical Examples

Historically, committees have often been used as a way to placate dissent without making real changes. They tend to be slow, bureaucratic, and ultimately ineffective in addressing urgent issues.

Current Sentiments

The sentiment among us is clear: we don’t want more committees. We need concrete actions and solutions that address our problems directly and efficiently.

What We Need Instead

Immediate Actions

Immediate actions are necessary to start addressing our concerns. These include creating job opportunities, implementing fair economic policies, and ensuring access to quality education and healthcare.

Long-term Changes

For sustainable progress, we need long-term changes that tackle systemic issues like corruption, inequality, and inadequate infrastructure. This requires a commitment to transparency, accountability, and inclusive governance.

The Call for President Ruto to Step Down

Reasons Behind the Demand

Failed Promises

One of the main reasons we demand President Ruto to step down is the series of failed promises. Many of the commitments made during the campaign have not been fulfilled, leading to widespread disillusionment.

Lack of Trust

There is a growing lack of trust in President Ruto’s leadership. We believe that new leadership is necessary to restore faith in the government and chart a new course for the future.

The Impact of Leadership Change

Expected Outcomes

A change in leadership could bring fresh perspectives and renewed hope. It could pave the way for policies that genuinely reflect the needs and aspirations of the youth.

Potential Challenges

However, we also recognize the challenges that come with leadership change. It is not a guarantee of immediate improvement, and there could be periods of instability as new leaders take the helm.

The Power of Protest

Historical Successes

Global Examples

Protests have historically been a powerful tool for change. From the Civil Rights Movement in the United States to the Arab Spring, collective action has led to significant social and political transformations.

Local Examples

In our own country, protests have played a crucial role in shaping our history. They have brought attention to injustices and pressured leaders to make necessary changes.

The Role of Youth in Social Movements

Influence and Numbers

The youth have always been at the forefront of social movements. Our numbers, energy, and innovative approaches make us a formidable force for change.

The Digital Age Advantage

In the digital age, our ability to organize and mobilize is stronger than ever. Social media and other digital tools allow us to spread our message widely and quickly, galvanizing support and driving action.

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In conclusion, the youth of Generation Z are making it clear that we demand more than just dialogue and committees. We need real, actionable changes that address our economic, social, and political concerns. The call for President Ruto to step down is not taken lightly; it is a reflection of our deep-seated frustrations and the urgent need for new leadership. We will continue to protest and push for the changes we believe are necessary for a better future.


What are the main grievances of Generation Z?

Our main grievances include economic challenges, social issues like inequality and corruption, and dissatisfaction with the current leadership’s failure to address these problems effectively.

Why do the youth believe committees are ineffective?

We believe committees are often slow, bureaucratic, and used as a delay tactic rather than a means to implement real, timely solutions to urgent issues.

What immediate actions are being demanded?

We are demanding the creation of job opportunities, fair economic policies, and access to quality education and healthcare as immediate actions to start addressing our concerns.

How can leadership change impact the country?

Leadership change can bring fresh perspectives, renewed hope, and policies that better reflect the needs and aspirations of the youth. However, it also comes with potential challenges and periods of instability.

What role do protests play in achieving social change?

Protests are a powerful tool for drawing attention to injustices and pressuring leaders to make necessary changes. They have historically led to significant social and political transformations both globally and locally.

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