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Kakamega Deputy Governor Ayub Savula Faces Potential Case Withdrawal by DPP

by Sema Yote
Kakamega Deputy Governor Ayub Savula

Kakamega Deputy Governor Ayub Savula

The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) has recently made headlines by seeking to withdraw a high-profile fraud case against Kakamega Deputy Governor Ayub Savula and his wives. This case, involving a staggering Sh122 million from the Government Advertising Agency (GAA), has captivated public interest and stirred considerable debate. Let’s delve into the details of this complex legal saga and explore the reasons behind the DPP’s surprising move.

In a case that has attracted significant media attention, Deputy Governor Ayub Savula, former Ministry of Information PS Sammy Itemere, and 28 others were charged with stealing Sh122.3 million from the Government Advertising Agency. The allegations painted a picture of a sophisticated scheme aimed at defrauding the government, leading to numerous charges and a protracted legal battle.

Role of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP)

The DPP, a crucial figure in Kenya’s justice system, holds the responsibility of prosecuting criminal cases on behalf of the state. This role includes reviewing evidence, deciding whether to pursue charges and ensuring that justice is served fairly and impartially. In this case, the DPP’s involvement has been pivotal, given the case’s high stakes and public interest.

Application to Withdraw the Case

Recently, the DPP submitted an application to a Nairobi Court, requesting to withdraw the fraud case under Section 87 A of the Criminal Procedure Code (CPC). This legal provision allows the DPP to discontinue a case at any stage of the proceedings, subject to the court’s approval.

Reasons for Withdrawal Request

Kakamega Deputy Governor Ayub Savula

Kakamega Deputy Governor Ayub Savula

Discharge of Several Accused Persons

One of the primary reasons for the withdrawal request is the discharge of several accused persons by the court. This development necessitated a reevaluation of the charges and the overall prosecution strategy, leading the DPP to conclude that withdrawing the case might be the most prudent course of action.

Need to Amend or Substitute Charges

The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP) recognized the need to amend or substitute the charges due to the discharge of certain accused individuals. This complex process would require significant time and resources, further complicating the prosecution’s efforts.

Challenges Faced by the Prosecution Issues with Witness Availability

A major hurdle for the prosecution has been the availability of suitable witnesses. The case’s credibility heavily relied on the testimony of key individuals, one of whom was Jeniffer Wambua Itumbi.

Death of Key Witness Jeniffer Wambua Itumbi

Tragically, Jeniffer Wambua Itumbi was murdered shortly after providing her examination-in-chief. Her untimely death not only shocked the nation but also dealt a severe blow to the prosecution’s case. Wambua was a crucial witness, and her inability to be cross-examined by the defense left a significant gap in the evidence.

Impact of Jeniffer Wambua’s Murder on the Case

The murder of Jeniffer Wambua has had profound implications. The DCI communicated with the National Land Commission, where Wambua was employed, to find a replacement witness. Unfortunately, it was revealed that no one else could corroborate her evidence, as she had handled the matter independently. This left the prosecution without a vital piece of the puzzle.

Responses from the Defense

Statements from Ayub Savula’s Legal Team

In response to the withdrawal application, Ayub Savula’s legal team has expressed relief, viewing it as a vindication for their client. They have consistently maintained that Savula was not involved in any fraudulent activities and have welcomed the DPP’s decision.

Reactions from Other Accused Parties

Similarly, the other accused parties have shown mixed reactions. While some see it as a step towards justice, others remain skeptical about the motives behind the withdrawal and the potential for re-filing of charges.

Implications for the Government Advertising Agency (GAA)

Potential Impact on the Agency’s Operations

The withdrawal of such a significant case could have far-reaching implications for the Government Advertising Agency. Questions about oversight, internal controls, and the agency’s vulnerability to fraud are likely to arise, prompting calls for reforms and stricter measures.

Public Perception and Trust

Public trust in the GAA and the broader government could be affected. The perception that high-profile cases can be withdrawn may lead to skepticism about the effectiveness of anti-corruption efforts and the justice system’s integrity.

Public and Media Reaction

Coverage of the Case in the Media

The media has extensively covered the case, highlighting every development. The DPP’s withdrawal request has sparked debates and analyses across various platforms, reflecting the case’s high-profile nature.

Public Opinion on the Withdrawal Request

Public opinion is divided. Some view the withdrawal as a necessary step given the challenges faced, while others see it as a potential miscarriage of justice. The broader implications for Kenya’s fight against corruption are also a point of contention.

Legal Precedents and Comparisons

Similar Cases in Kenya and Their Outcomes

Kenya has seen other high-profile cases withdrawn or dismissed, often under controversial circumstances. Comparing these cases can provide insights into the current situation and potential future outcomes.

Impact of These Precedents on the Current Case

Legal precedents suggest that while withdrawal is not uncommon, it often leads to public outcry and calls for accountability. The current case could follow a similar trajectory, influencing future legal and prosecutorial decisions.

Role of the National Land Commission

Involvement in the Case

The National Land Commission’s involvement stemmed from Jeniffer Wambua’s role. Their inability to provide a replacement witness underscores the challenges faced by the prosecution.

Response to DCI’s Communication

The commission’s response highlighted the unique nature of Wambua’s involvement, which has had significant implications for the prosecution’s ability to present a complete case.

Future Legal Proceedings

Possible Next Steps if the Case is Withdrawn

If the court approves the withdrawal, the case could be re-filed in the future if new evidence emerges. Alternatively, the DPP might explore other legal avenues to address the alleged fraud.

Options for Re-filing or Alternative Charges

Re-filing the case or bringing alternative charges could be considered, depending on the availability of new evidence and witnesses. This decision will significantly impact the involved parties and public perception.

Impact on Ayub Savula’s Political Career

Immediate Effects of the Case Withdrawal

In the short term, the withdrawal could bolster Ayub Savula’s political standing, allowing him to focus on his duties as Deputy Governor without the cloud of legal proceedings.

Long-Term Political Implications

However, the long-term implications remain uncertain. The specter of the case and the possibility of future legal challenges could continue to influence Savula’s political trajectory.

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The DPP’s application to withdraw the fraud case against Ayub Savula and his co-accused has introduced a new chapter in this complex legal saga

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