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Michael Ochieng The Mastermind Behind Millions in Ghost Deliveries

The Cunning Tactics of NMS Director Michael Ochieng

by Sema Yote
Michael Ochieng

The ghost deliveries scandal involving Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) and its Director of Transport and Public Works, Michael Ochieng, has shocked Kenya. Millions of shillings were lost due to cunning tactics and budgeted corruption, as revealed by the Auditor General’s report on Nairobi County finances. This article delves into the construction department’s procurement carried out by NMS and the key players involved in the shady deals from 2020 to 2022.

Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS)

NMS was established to improve Nairobi’s infrastructure and services. With no pre-qualified suppliers, NMS relied on the Public Works Supplies Branch database and framework contracts already in place. These contracts were designed to simplify procurement but became the breeding ground for corruption.

Michael Ochieng in the Scandal

At the center of this corruption scandal is Michael Ochieng, the engineer and Director of Transport and Public Works at NMS. Ochieng, along with other accomplices, exploited the system for personal gain, costing taxpayers millions.

Framework Contracts and Procurement Process

Framework contracts are agreements with pre-determined prices running for two years. These contracts eliminate the need for new procurement each time goods are required. Instead, a Purchase Order (PO) is launched to requisition materials.

Michael Ochieng

Michael Ochieng

The Role of Michael Ochieng

As Director of Transport and Public Works, Ochieng was responsible for requisitioning materials and verifying deliveries. He manipulated this process to orchestrate ghost deliveries, ensuring that what was ordered on paper was not what was delivered, if anything was delivered at all.

The Ghost Deliveries Scheme

The ghost deliveries scheme was simple yet effective. Ochieng would requisition materials, which were either never delivered or substituted with inferior products. He then falsified verification documents to approve these non-existent or substandard deliveries.

Storage Plants and Bribery

NMS had two storage plants: one on Nanyuki Road in the Industrial Area and the other on Kangundo Road. The Nanyuki Road plant was the main storage area where Ochieng would meet suppliers, demanding bribes while pretending to verify deliveries.

Impact on Taxpayers

This corruption led to significant financial losses for taxpayers. The misappropriation of funds meant for public works hindered infrastructure development, negatively impacting Nairobi’s economy and public services.

Auditor General’s Report Findings

The Auditor General’s report highlighted the extent of the corruption within NMS. Key findings included the misuse of framework contracts and the involvement of high-ranking officials in the ghost deliveries scheme. The report called for further investigations and accountability.

Reactions from the Public and Government

The scandal sparked public outcry and extensive media coverage. The government responded with promises of thorough investigations and stricter oversight to prevent future occurrences of such corruption.

Comparative Analysis with Other Corruption Cases

This case is not unique. Similar corruption scandals have occurred both in Kenya and globally. Learning from these cases, it is evident that transparency and accountability are crucial in preventing such fraud.

Legal and Ethical Implications

The legal ramifications for those involved in the ghost deliveries scheme are severe, including potential criminal charges and jail time. Ethically, the scandal highlights a significant breach of public trust and the need for integrity in public service.

Steps Towards Transparency and Accountability

To prevent future corruption, it is essential to implement strict measures, including regular audits, transparent procurement processes, and stringent penalties for corrupt practices. Public awareness and involvement are also vital in holding officials accountable.

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The ghost deliveries scandal involving Michael Ochieng and NMS underscores the need for vigilance and transparency in public service. It is a stark reminder of the devastating impact of corruption on society and the importance of accountability in governance.


What is the NMS?

Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) is an agency established to oversee and improve Nairobi’s infrastructure and public services.

Who is Michael Ochieng?

Michael Ochieng was the Director of Transport and Public Works at NMS and the main player in the ghost deliveries scandal.

What are framework contracts?

Framework contracts are pre-agreed contracts with set prices, eliminating the need for new procurement processes for each order.

How were ghost deliveries executed?

Ghost deliveries involved requisitioning materials that were never delivered or were substituted with inferior products, with falsified verification documents approving these non-existent or substandard deliveries.

What can be done to prevent such corruption?

Preventing corruption requires strict measures such as regular audits, transparent procurement processes, stringent penalties for corrupt practices, and public involvement in holding officials accountable.

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