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Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja Wins High Court Petition Upholding Dishi Na County School Feeding Programme

by Sema Yote
Governor Johnson Sakaja

In a significant legal victory, Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja, through Advocate Duncan Okatch, successfully defended the Dishi Na County school feeding programme against a High Court petition. The court ruling, delivered by Judge Chacha Mwita, emphasized the paramount importance of protecting the welfare of children, thereby ensuring the continuation of this vital initiative.

Background of the Dishi Na County Programme

The Dishi Na County school feeding programme is an essential initiative aimed at providing nutritious meals to students enrolled in public primary schools across Nairobi County. Launched with the goal of enhancing children’s health and academic performance, the programme ensures that students receive at least one balanced meal each day, thereby addressing issues of malnutrition and food insecurity.

The Legal Challenge

The programme faced a legal challenge from Tunza Mtoto Coalition Kenya, a lobby group concerned with children’s welfare. They filed a petition arguing that the Dishi Na County initiative was illegal, asserting that education is a function of the National Government. The coalition’s Executive Director, Ouko, contended that the county government had overstepped its jurisdiction in launching the programme.

Governor Johnson Sakaja’s Response

In response, Governor Johnson Sakaja, represented by Advocate Duncan Okatch, defended the legality and necessity of the programme. Okatch argued that all legal procedures were meticulously followed prior to the programme’s launch. He emphasized that the initiative was designed with the best interests of the children in mind, aiming to improve their overall well-being and academic success.

Court Ruling

Judge Chacha Mwita delivered a decisive ruling in favor of the Dishi Na County programme. He dismissed the petition, highlighting the court’s duty to protect the best interests of the child. The judge noted that halting the programme would adversely affect many children who are already benefiting from it. “It was for the welfare of the children that the programme was initiated,” Mwita stated, “we can’t halt it; we will be running away from the issues affecting the children.”

Impact on the Children

The continuation of the Dishi Na County school feeding programme is a significant relief for thousands of children who depend on it. For many students, the meals provided by the programme are their primary source of nutrition. Teachers and parents have observed noticeable improvements in students’ health, concentration, and academic performance since the programme’s implementation.

Public Reaction

The court’s decision was met with widespread approval from parents, educators, and the general public. Many parents expressed gratitude for the continuation of the programme, recognizing its critical role in supporting their children’s education and well-being. Media coverage highlighted the positive impact of the ruling, with many commentators praising the court’s commitment to child welfare.

Legal Perspectives

Legal experts have analyzed the court’s ruling, noting its strong emphasis on the best interests of the child as a guiding principle. The decision underscores the judiciary’s role in safeguarding children’s rights and ensuring that welfare initiatives are supported and sustained. The ruling sets a significant precedent for future cases involving similar programmes and government functions.

Comparative Analysis

When compared to similar cases in other regions, the ruling on the Dishi Na County programme aligns with a growing recognition of the importance of school feeding initiatives. In many parts of the world, such programmes have been upheld and supported by courts due to their positive impact on children’s health and education. This ruling contributes to the broader trend of judicial support for child welfare programmes.

Governor Sakaja’s Vision

Governor Johnson Sakaja has consistently demonstrated a strong commitment to education and child welfare. The successful defense of the Dishi Na County programme is a testament to his dedication to improving the lives of Nairobi’s children. Looking ahead, Sakaja has plans to expand the programme and introduce additional initiatives aimed at supporting students and enhancing educational outcomes.

The Role of Advocate Duncan Okatch

Advocate Duncan Okatch played a pivotal role in defending the Dishi Na County programme. His legal expertise and strategic defense were instrumental in securing the court’s favorable ruling. Okatch’s contributions to the case underscore the importance of skilled legal representation in upholding vital public initiatives.

Tunza Mtoto Coalition Kenya’s Stand

Despite the court’s ruling, Tunza Mtoto Coalition Kenya remains committed to their cause. The coalition has expressed their intention to explore other avenues to ensure that all legal and procedural standards are met in the implementation of public programmes. Their concerns highlight the ongoing need for vigilance and accountability in public governance.

The Importance of School Feeding Programmes

School feeding programmes like Dishi Na County offer numerous benefits. They address food insecurity, improve children’s health, and enhance their ability to learn and succeed academically. Globally, such programmes have proven to be effective tools in combating hunger and promoting education, making them a crucial component of child welfare policies.

Future Implications

The ruling in favor of the Dishi Na County programme has far-reaching implications. It sets a precedent for the legality and importance of similar initiatives, encouraging other regions to implement and support school feeding programmes. The decision also reinforces the legal framework for protecting children’s rights and welfare in Kenya and beyond.

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The High Court’s decision to uphold the Dishi Na County school feeding programme is a victory for child welfare and education in Nairobi. It highlights the importance of such initiatives in supporting children’s health and academic success. Governor Johnson Sakaja’s commitment to the programme, coupled with the legal expertise of Advocate Duncan Okatch, has ensured that thousands of children will continue to benefit from nutritious meals. This case underscores the judiciary’s crucial role in safeguarding the best interests of the child and sets a positive precedent for future welfare programmes.


What is the Dishi Na County programme? The Dishi Na County programme is a school feeding initiative in Nairobi County that provides nutritious meals to students in public primary schools.

Why was the programme challenged? The programme was challenged by Tunza Mtoto Coalition Kenya, who argued that education is a National Government function and that the county government had overstepped its jurisdiction.

How did the court rule on the petition? The High Court dismissed the petition, with Judge Chacha Mwita ruling that the best interests of the child must be protected and that halting the programme would negatively impact the children.

What are the benefits of the school feeding programme? The programme improves children’s health, enhances their concentration and academic performance, and addresses food insecurity.

What are the future plans for the programme? Governor Johnson Sakaja plans to expand the Dishi Na County programme and introduce additional initiatives to support students and improve educational outcomes.

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