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Nashon Otieno Angudha, Felix Ochieng Nyongesa, and Jack Ouma Okwiri Charged with Robbery, Forgery, and Indecent Assault

by Sema Yote
Nashon Otieno Angudha, Felix Ochieng Nyongesa, Jack Ouma Okwiri,

In a dramatic turn of events, three men have been charged in a Kibera court with a series of serious offenses, including robbery with violence, forgery, and indecent assault. The accused, Nashon Otieno Angudha, Felix Ochieng Nyongesa, and Jack Ouma Okwiri, appeared before Senior Principal Magistrate Jacqueline Kahuya, where they denied all charges.

Details of the Alleged Offense

The court heard that the alleged crimes took place on October 28, 2023, at house number 685 in Runda Glory Valley Estate, Nairobi County. According to the prosecution, the accused forcefully robbed an Italian national, Thor Bloomfield, of valuable items including a gold necklace worth USD 10,000 and a Rolex watch valued at USD 20,000, totaling USD 30,000. During the robbery, Bloomfield was reportedly injured.

Second Robbery Incident

In a second count, the accused allegedly robbed a woman of USD 60,000 in cash, a gold necklace worth USD 12,000, and diamond earrings valued at USD 5,000, bringing the total to USD 87,000. It is claimed that the trio used actual violence against the woman during the robbery.

Indecent Assault Charges

The third count involved charges of committing an indecent act with a woman. The prosecution alleged that the three men indecently touched the private parts and breasts of a woman against her will.

Forgery Charges

In addition to the robbery and assault charges, Nashon Otieno Angudha faced a separate charge of possessing forged banknotes. He was allegedly found with USD 9,899 in counterfeit currency in the Kilimani area of Nairobi County on the same day as the robberies.

Document Forgery

All three accused were jointly charged with making documents without authority, with the intent to defraud. The court heard that they created a mineral dealer’s trading license, purporting it to be a genuine document issued by the Ministry of Petroleum and Mining. This offense was committed at an unknown place and time within Kenya.

Additional Counts of Forgery and Making False Documents

The trio also faced several other counts of forgery and making false documents. These charges further complicate the legal battles they face, highlighting a pattern of fraudulent activities.

Court Proceedings

During the court session, the defense team requested favorable bond terms, arguing that the accused were not flight risks and were willing to comply with all court directives. Magistrate Jacqueline Kahuya granted them bail, setting the terms at Sh300,000 or an alternative bond of Sh4 million each.

Upcoming Court Date

The case is scheduled to proceed on November 15, 2023, for further hearings. This session will likely delve deeper into the evidence and testimonies related to the multiple charges faced by the accused.

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The charges against Nashon Otieno Angudha, Felix Ochieng Nyongesa, and Jack Ouma Okwiri are severe and multifaceted, involving robbery with violence, forgery, and indecent assault. As the case unfolds, it will be crucial to follow the proceedings to understand the full scope of the alleged crimes and the legal outcomes for the accused.


What are the main charges against the accused? The main charges include robbery with violence, forgery, and indecent assault.

When did the alleged crimes take place? The alleged crimes occurred on October 28, 2023.

What was stolen during the robberies? Items stolen included a gold necklace, a Rolex watch, and large sums of cash, totaling USD 117,000 in value.

What additional charges do the accused face? They also face charges of possessing forged banknotes and making false documents.

When is the next court hearing scheduled? The next hearing is set for November 15, 2023.

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