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EXPOSED: Oliver Kiptoo and Moss Rubi Williams and Groenewald Petrus in Sh1.5M Nairobi Hotel Fraud

by Sema Yote
Oliver Kiptoo and Moss Rubi Williams

In a shocking revelation, detectives in Nairobi have intensified their search for Oliver Kiptoo and Moss Rubi Williams, two senior Rubis Foundation ‘associates accused of defrauding a hotel in Parklands of approximately Sh1.5 million in a well-orchestrated food and accommodation scam. This case has garnered significant attention due to the involvement of high-profile suspects and the considerable amount of money involved.

The Main Accusation

The primary accusation revolves around a sophisticated scheme that led to a significant financial loss for a prominent hotel in Parklands. The suspects, Oliver Kiptoo and Moss Rubi Williams, allegedly masterminded the operation, exploiting the hotel’s trust and resources to accumulate a debt of Sh1.5 million, which remains unpaid.

Key Suspects

Oliver Kiptoo and Moss Rubi Williams are at the heart of this investigation. Both are suspected of being the brains behind numerous fraud activities across the city. Their recent escapade at the Parklands hotel is just one of many instances where they have allegedly manipulated and deceived businesses for financial gain.

Rubis Foundation’s Position

The Rubis Foundation has yet to confirm whether Kiptoo and Williams are indeed associates or merely impersonators tarnishing its name. A statement from the foundation is anticipated to clarify their official stance and any potential involvement of the suspects with their organization.

Pattern of Fraud

This is not the first time Kiptoo and Williams have found themselves in hot water. Their history of fraudulent activities has left a trail of devastated businesses and shaken trust within the community. Their actions have created a toxic business environment, making it difficult for honest entrepreneurs to thrive.

Moss Rubi Williams’ Legal Troubles

Oliver Kiptoo and Moss Rubi Williams

Oliver Kiptoo and Moss Rubi Williams

Moss Rubi Williams is no stranger to legal battles. She is currently facing another active case at the Milimani courts, where she is charged with defrauding Sh9.7 million. This case involves the fraudulent acquisition of 5000 bales of flour valued at Sh9,750,000 from Grainors Limited, under false pretenses. The offence was committed between December 21 and 23, 2022.

Recent Developments

The case took another twist when Groenewald Christoffel Petrus, a South African national, was arraigned in court on similar fraud charges. Presented before Senior Principal Magistrate Samson Temu, Petrus has been accused of accumulating a bill of Sh759,920 at the same Parklands hotel without settling the payment.

Court Proceedings

During the court proceedings, the prosecution presented substantial evidence, including witness statements and documentary proof. Petrus’s defense has been criticized for using delaying tactics, despite his lawyer’s claims that he intended to settle the matter out of court by paying the owed amount.

Fake Cheques and Attempted Fraud

The suspects reportedly issued fake cheques to the hotel owner, falsely presenting them as legitimate payments. This act was intended to further deceive and manipulate the hotel owner, implicating them in illegal activities and complicating the case.

Organized Crime Syndicate

There are growing suspicions that Kiptoo, Williams, and Petrus are part of an organized crime syndicate. This network is believed to have been defrauding and terrorizing the business community for an extended period, using sophisticated methods and leveraging the judicial system as a cover.

Judicial Cover-Up Allegations

The suspects have allegedly manipulated judicial processes to their advantage, using legal loopholes and delaying tactics to evade justice. These actions have raised public outcry and demand for a thorough investigation into potential judicial corruption.

Impact on Victims

The victims of these fraudulent activities have suffered not only financially but also emotionally. Business owners have shared their distressing experiences, highlighting the economic and personal toll of these scams. The wider business community remains on high alert, wary of further incidents.

The media has played a crucial role in bringing this case to light. Extensive coverage is expected as the case proceeds to a full hearing on September 2. This continued attention is essential to ensure transparency and accountability.

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This case underscores the persistent threat of fraud and corruption within the business sector. The involvement of high-profile suspects and substantial financial losses highlight the need for stringent measures to protect businesses and uphold justice. The upcoming court proceedings will be closely watched, setting a precedent for future cases of similar nature.


1. Who are the main suspects in this fraud case? The primary suspects are Oliver Kiptoo and Moss Rubi Williams, along with a South African national, Groenewald Christoffel Petrus.

2. What was the amount defrauded from the Parklands Hotel? The suspects allegedly defrauded the hotel of approximately Sh1.5 million.

3. Is the Rubis Foundation involved in the fraud? The Rubis Foundation has not confirmed whether the suspects are its associates or impersonators. A statement from the foundation is awaited.

4. What are the previous charges against Moss Rubi Williams? Williams is facing charges for defrauding Sh9.7 million from Grainors Limited by falsely pretending to be able to pay for 5000 bales of flour.

5. What is the significance of the upcoming court hearing on September 2? The hearing will provide maximum media coverage and is crucial for ensuring transparency and justice in this high-profile fraud case.

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